Using a smart thermostat to automate your home’s HVAC system in New Orleans, Louisiana, saves you money and maintains your comfort level year-round. You can program your New Orleans, LA smart thermostat so that it learns your ideal settings by setting a daily schedule to adjust the temperature for when you are home and away.

Save Money by Maximizing Your Home’s Smart Thermostat

The smart thermostat’s programmable settings help save you money on your energy bill. Not only does a smart thermostat control the temperature in your home, but these devices also have extra features that may include:

  • Reminders for HVAC tuneups.
  • Ability to learn your preferences.
  • Schedule daily settings.
  • Control the temperature remotely.
  • Geofencing.
  • Connect with room sensors by heating and cooling rooms accurately.
  • Detect problems with the performance level of the HVAC system.

Learn today’s weather conditions by reading the report on the smart thermometer’s display. Some thermostats have touch screens, making it as easy as using your smartphone to input data.

Analyze and Respond to Energy Reports

The reports from the smart thermostat tell you how much energy your HVAC system uses and at what time of day. Review the reports regularly to reduce the cost of running the HVAC system. Depending on your model, it may provide recommendations for maximum performance. You’ll save approximately 10% by adjusting the temperature between 7 and 10 degrees while you’re away. Drastic temperature changes put extra pressure on the HVAC system and eventually leads to energy loss and a higher energy bill. The smart thermostat will heat and cool your home gradually for home vacancy settings and when you’re away.

Adjust the Settings While You Aren’t Home

Program the smart thermostat according to your daily schedule. Adjust the settings for when you:

  • Wake up.
  • Leave for work.
  • Arrive home.
  • Go to bed.
  • Leave for an extended time.

Many models run on WI-FI and allow you to change the preprogrammed settings remotely with an app designed by the manufacturer available for download on your smartphone. The app lets you control and optimize every configuration for your HVAC system that’s connected to your smart thermostat. When you’re not at home, you can turn down the settings to conserve energy. The app relies on internet or cellular connections, and you may incur charges depending on your service subscription with your mobile service provider.

Maintain the HVAC System for Superior Performance and Savings

The smart thermometer works best with fully operational HVAC equipment. Leave it to the HVAC experts to analyze your current HVAC system setup. They’ll make recommendations for the running of your home setup for superior performance. Whether you need replacement parts, a new unit, or a tuneup, your nearby HVAC professionals can help you reap the benefits of a well-maintained system. The benefits of hiring a trained technician twice per year for a tuneup of your home’s HVAC system include:

  • Saving money.
  • Protecting the environment.
  • Maintaining your HVAC units warranty status.
  • Home performance evaluation by Energy Star.

Upgrade Your Home’s HVAC System

You’ll make the most of your smart thermostat when you purchase new HVAC equipment that is energy efficient and works well with advanced technology. If you have an older HVAC system it could be a good time to upgrade the parts that are outdated and cost you more money to run. You’ll also add more value to your home by replacing and adding:

  • A new air conditioning unit.
  • A new furnace.
  • Room sensors.
  • A new air filtration unit.
  • A whole-home humidifier.
  • New air filters.

You’ll breathe easier using a smart thermostat that alerts you to your HVAC system needs. Its ability to detect when your HVAC system needs maintenance or repair prevents guesswork in running your HVAC units. By regularly cleaning the ducts, changing the filters, and having regular tune-ups you’ll be breathing cleaner air that supports the health of your family.

We at Bryans United Air Conditioning will be happy to help with your HVAC needs when you call us to hire certified technicians to improve and maintain the standards of your home’s HVAC system.

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