If you’re shopping for a new heating system, you’ll definitely want to consider your options. Gold furnaces are well-known for their extreme heating efficiency and durability. Here at Bryans United Air Conditioning, we specialize in the installation, repair, and maintenance of Gold furnaces. Keep reading to learn about the various Gold furnace options for your Harvey, Louisiana, home.

5 Types of Gold Furnaces for Your Harvey, LA Home

Gold SM Gas Furnace

This multistage gas furnace has an 80 AFUE rating, meaning it converts up to 80 percent of the fuel that you pay for into heat. It runs quietly and is known for its enhanced ability to distribute warm air throughout the entire home evenly, which translates into improved indoor comfort levels. Its two-stage heating process helps lower your energy bills.

During the summer, the Gold SM furnace’s Comfort-R technology works to keep your home cooler by reducing indoor humidity levels.

Gold SV Gas Furnace

This variable speed gas furnace also has an 80 AFUE rating. The Gold SV gas furnace works to reduce temperature swings in the home, which helps reduce your heating expenses. This is another furnace that uses Comfort-R technology to reduce indoor humidity levels during the warmer months. The Gold SV gas furnace not only improves indoor comfort levels but makes it easier for the air conditioner to cool your home.

Gold XI Variable Speed Furnace

The Gold XI variable speed furnace surpasses the Gold SV and Gold SM with its 95 AFUE rating. When installed as part of a complete HVAC system, the Gold XI can increase cooling efficiency by up to two SEER points. This furnace reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps save money on energy bills. Its multi-speed blower motor allows for quiet heating, and its heavy steel, insulated cabinet makes it easier for the furnace to heat your home.

Gold XM Furnace

The Gold XM furnace has an AFUE rating of 96. It minimizes temperature swings and works quietly while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It’s also housed within a heavy steel, insulated cabinet, making it easier and more efficient to heat your home. This can lead to significant energy savings.

Gold ZM Furnace

This furnace converts up to 97 percent of the fuel that you pay for into heat. It is known for its ability to heat your home quietly while distributing the heat evenly throughout each room. This enhances its heating efficiency to help lower your heating expenses. It’s also paired with Comfort-R technology, which allows your air conditioner to operate more efficiently during the warmer months.

The Gold ZM is a two-stage heating furnace that runs at an energy-saving capacity of 65 percent more than 80 percent of the time.

Picking the Right Furnace for Your Home

There is a lot that goes into choosing the right furnace for your home. The size of your home largely impacts which size of furnace you will need. If you get a furnace that is too large or too small to heat your home, this will minimize its efficiency. It will also lead to unnecessary wear and tear on the furnace, which can result in costly repairs.

You’ll need to consider your preferred fuel type when choosing a heating system. Furnaces typically operate on electric, coal, natural gas, or oil. The most common fuel source for furnaces is natural gas. Gas- and oil-powered furnaces are among the most efficient heating systems. A gas furnace will usually cost more than an oil furnace, but it tends to boast greater levels of efficiency. While it may have a higher upfront cost, its energy-saving benefits may make it worth the investment. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly heating option, an oil furnace is likely your best choice.

Harvey, LA’s Furnace Installation Experts

Bryan’s United Air Conditioning specializes in a variety of HVAC installation and maintenance services. Give us a call today at 504-208-2071 to learn more about the different types of Gold furnaces we install. We can also set up a home assessment to help you determine which Gold furnace is best for your heating needs. Our goal is to install a Gold furnace that maximizes your heating efficiency and improves your indoor comfort levels.

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