As the air warms up in springtime, nothing beats the feeling of coming home to a cool indoor environment that’s free from pollutants. Investing in a new air conditioner and air purifier helps to create this pleasant atmosphere. The following article will discuss five benefits of a new AC and air purifier in your Luling, LA, home.

1. Better Sleep

Sleep deprivation reduces productivity, and causes headaches and irritability. High indoor temperatures may also make it difficult to sleep, as you may become restless, sweat excessively, or wake up in the middle of the night. Research shows that the human body reduces its temperature a few minutes before you fall asleep. This shows that reduced temperatures are necessary for you to catch some well-deserved shut eye.

But temperature isn’t the only environmental issue affecting sleep. Poor indoor air quality causes nasal congestion and throat irritation, making it difficult to enjoy a deep slumber.

Investing in a new air conditioner and air purifier will help you enjoy better sleep quality. An upgraded AC ensures indoor temperatures are regulated, while an air purifier eliminates contaminants circulating in your house, minimizing interruptions to your daily and nighttime routines.

An old air conditioner may produce weird sounds such as banging, hissing, and gurgling while running since the parts have become worn out over time. These noises may make it difficult for you to rest. A new cooling system virtually operates with very little noise, allowing you to sleep more soundly.

2. More Indoor Comfort

Some pollutants, such as smoke particles, can cause foul smells in your house. The pollutants also cause sneezing and watery eyes, interfering with indoor comfort.

Another side effect is triggering asthma attacks for those with respiratory issues. An air purifier catches these pollutants, allowing everyone to enjoy their time indoors. A new cooling system lowers temperatures and humidity levels efficiently during the warmer months, creating a comfortable environment.

3. Better Energy Efficiency

Any homeowner’s ultimate objective is to reduce energy bills while enjoying maximum comfort. That is what a new air conditioner allows you to achieve. Modern air conditioners come with variable-speed blowers and compressors. These components are more energy-efficient than the single-stage ones in older air conditioners.

Usually, a single-stage blower and compressor operate at full capacity all the time. On the other hand, a variable speed blower or compressor operates at different capacities, depending on your temperature needs. For instance, if the indoor temperature has gone up by a few degrees above your preferred level, a variable speed blower, and compressor may operate at 20% or 30% capacity instead of 100%.

This technology helps to reduce your air conditioner’s energy consumption. It’s also good for eliminating excessive humidity in the air and distributing cool air more efficiently.

Modern air conditioners use R410A refrigerant, while older air conditioners use R22 refrigerant. R410A refrigerant is more efficient in releasing and absorbing heat than R22 refrigerant. It’s also more environmentally friendly than its predecessor.

4. Reduced Breakdowns

As your air conditioner advances in age, its parts wear out more. This causes it to break down often. Frequent breakdowns translate to higher repair costs.

An air conditioner that frequently breaks down interrupts your comfort, which can be frustrating. Investing in a new system allows you to enjoy uninterrupted comfort, fewer breakdowns, and reduced repair costs.

5. Improved Temperature Control

Many modern air conditioner models allow you to take advantage of zoning. A zoned air conditioner enables you to adjust the temperature depending on the room that you’re residing in. This system helps to save energy since you don’t need to cool the unoccupied rooms in your house. It also comes in handy if you live in a home with multiple levels.

At Bryans United Air Conditioning, we’ve been in the HVAC industry for over 40 years and have extensive experience and knowledge of solving various heating and cooling issues. Contact our team today to make the switch to an upgraded air conditioning system and air purifier.

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